Find out how to stay motivated

Continue to improve your physique and Capoeira skills

Delivered through step-by-step tutorials via the Capoeira Flow app, your programme will be adapted to meet your evolving needs by myself and our professional nutritionist. You will be supported at every step and your achievements celebrated.

Ready to improve yours skills?

Capoeira Flow

Do you think you are too old to learn acrobatics?
Are you concerned to train because you have sustained injuries in the past?
Do you struggle to find the time to practice whilst managing a full-time job and home commitments?
Have you spent years training Capoeira and still feel like a beginner?
Is a lack of flexibility or strength stopping you from doing everyday activities?
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If any of these questions resonate with you

What Our Clients Have to Say

Capoeria is

Get Fit on your own, but
NOT Alone

No Messing Around

Just a simple step-by-step proven system created by Me (Fabio Santos) to achieve your desired fitness and physique.

Strengthen your body

With remote guided Capoeira training and a personalised nutrition guide.

Keep motivated

Through personalised Remote coaching and support for your training and nutritional needs.

Fabio Standing Ready

How to train

Effectively and what to eat to have more energy to exercise.

How to build

A Strong mind-set and create a healthy Lifestyle.

How to tone

Your body without giving up your favourite food.

How to Fit

Your Capoeira Training into your hectic schedule.

Coach Fabio Capoeira Flow

In the flow

What you learn...

What you get...

As well as my 22-years of experience training and teaching Capoeira

You will receive advice from a highly qualified and experienced professional nutritionist plus

Master Your FLOW
Six-week Programme, delivered via the Capoeira Flow app with access to all programs and tutorials, combined with a customised Meal plan based on your goals.
Private online

Communities to Share your Progress, provide support and celebrate your achievements

Feedback from both coaches throughout your training

Capoeira and Nutrition challenges to keep it fun and improve your lifestyle


Rewards for those who complete all challenges Accountability Leaderboard to keep you on Track


Nutrition materials to help you maximise your new healthy lifestyle



The New Capoeira Flow App

Now you can train capoeira anytime, anyplace…
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