6 Weeks Nutrition Program


Follow up – £110  (* only valid if stared within 15 days from the end of last nutrition program) 

What’s included on the program :

 6 weeks personalized Meal plan based on your goals.

  • Zoom call consultation once the meal plan have been created with our qualified nutritionist.
  • Remotely support during the program, through Telegram or email to assist and adapt your meal plan in order to maximize your results. 
  • Tips and receipts during the program to help you active and improve your lifestyle.


About our Nutritionist:

As a nutritionist my journey started the day I decided I needed to start taking responsibility for my health. This happened in 2009 after living in London where I worked and lived in a hostel for 5 month, not having a kitchen where to cook. I had to eat the restaurant’s food all this time. This made me gain several kilos and my health was getting worse after all this time.

Once I took the step to a better health, eating habits, stop drinking alcohol and joined the gy, my whole body knew this was the right path and in less than 2 weeks I started seeing results, ot only in the number of  the scale, but my energy levels, my mood and other health conditions improved like never before.

Some years later I became vegan and my health improved a lot more. In 2015 I found out I was celiac. After this last change in my diet I knew helping others to feel their best thought nutrition was my fate and path in life.

And now after all these years helping hundreds of people to find the right nutrition for their different stages in life, I am very pleased to be part of this team and capoeira challenge to help you achieve your goals.

I see Nutrition as a mission to help people take care of their body in a lighter and simpler way, without so many restrictions in your diet.

Yolanda Pascual

Graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in International University Isabel I of Burgos.

Expert in Clinical and Sports Plant Based Nutrition – ICSN


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