6 Weeks Nutrition Program


Follow up – £110  (* only valid if stared within 15 days from the end of last nutrition program) 

What’s included on the program :

 6 weeks personalized Meal plan based on your goals.

  • Zoom call consultation once the meal plan have been created with our qualified nutritionist Mariana from Brazil.
  • Remotely support during the program, through telegram or email to assist and adapt your meal plan in order to maximize your results. 
  • Tips and receipts during the program to help you active and improve your lifestyle.
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About our Nutritionist:

I’m Mariana Cordeiro, I’m From Goiânia, Brazil, I’m a nutritionist, also a capoeirista. 

I have a degree in Nutrition for 10 years, during that period I did a Master’s in Nutrition and Health, specialization in Clinical Nutrition, I have a Coach and Nutricoaching training from a school in Portugal, I have been a teacher at some colleges, I have already taught graduate school, I am constantly invited to give several lectures, I had a nutrition practice for a few years, and today I have some online nutrition programs where I have helped many people to change their lifestyle and achieve their desire body.

I see Nutrition as a mission to help people take care of their body in a lighter and simpler way, without so many restrictions in your diet.


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