Capoeira is for everyone…

Take your body and mind in all directions and improve your mobility, flexibility and strength,
it doesn’t matter how old you are…

Ready to improve your skills?

Capoeira Fabio's Kick
Fabio's kick capoeira
Fitness powered by smooth, flowing movements and a community of friends, coaches and teammates.
This is more than a training.
It is an experience with Flow
Fabio Standing Ready
Coach Fabio Capoeira Flow

We may have lost our freedom,

but don't lose your flow.

Just because we’re on lockdown doesn’t mean we have to miss out on capoeira classes with Fabio

Train just like before, but from the comfort of your own home. Fabio will be keeping an eye on you all as he teaches you the skills and moves he’s is so renowned for.

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Capoeira Flow App

The Capoeira Flow App provides you with everything you need, whether you are a complete beginner or looking to master your advanced skills, Our app has been designed to cater for everyone.


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The New Capoeira Flow App

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