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Discover exclusive weekly programs in Capoeira Flow that contain; martial arts, bodybuilding, diets and nutrition, also offering high-performance training, dedicated Calisthenics and assistance with diets. A holistic approach to an active and healthy life.

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Meet the Instructor

Your guide on the capoeira journey

Below we have separated some excerpts from an interview carried out with our instructor, Dublê, and CEO of Capoeira Flow, see the full interview by clicking the button below.

Can you tell us about your role as a coach?

I love Capoeira very much, because it has given me so much in my life, and I love the feeling of being able to teach someone how to achieve something they have been striving for or really want…

It’s an amazing feeling when you’re the one who makes it happen, so I really enjoy teaching and finding ways to help people get what they want, feel good about themselves, etc.

I know that if they develop this passion for Capoeira/movement or live better, happier lives, I know they will continue and I like that, because I know what it’s like…

What advice would you give to someone who is unmotivated or doesn't know where to start in sport and fitness?

As with many things in life, sometimes it’s only after we’ve hit bottom, or something bad has happened for us to see or feel that we need to change…

For some people, they think about their goals, for example, they think, do I have a great body/six pack or can I lift, do this or do this movement… but if you don’t know how, it’s very easy to lose your motivation , or find an excuse…!

I know it’s not easy, the path to having a healthy lifestyle is not easy!!!
If you’ve always played sports or have people around you who enjoy it, it’s easier…
Most of my life I trained alone, I’ll be honest, I made a lot of mistakes, I was too proud to ask for help, I just wanted to show the results of my training and effort.

But for me it was a case of necessity, I needed to make it work somehow, and I was training with some very talented people, it was my job too, I thought if I wasn’t good enough I would lose my job, and then how would I have supported my family?! …I had no choice…

So I’ll keep trying until I find a way that works.

My advice is to surround yourself with people who love sports, who are motivated by success or who want something out of life that will help you move forward and get back on your feet for each other…!

For me, something that always helps me is the fear of losing what I have already achieved! Because I know I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am, and I think it’s even harder work to start from scratch again like I’ve done many times, so I keep going no matter what, what to find a way… so I don’t look both in terms of goals, in what I could have (six pack abs, good physique, etc…), of course this inspired me and gave me a destiny…, but losing what I achieved, or having to try everything again…

It is also very important to see results in your training or whatever you dedicate your time to, so I strongly advise you to inform yourself on this subject, if it is training, and if so far you have not been able to achieve the results you want on your own, it is likely that you need help, or at least it would be a less painful journey if you knew where you were going…

Again, this is my opinion and it may seem a little harsh, but this is what I think, if I wanted to train or learn from someone, I would choose someone who lives or applies everything he is teaching in their own life as well, especially if it’s related to health or fitness…

How have you mixed Capoeira with other movement disciplines over the years?

I had the opportunity to meet some incredible athletes around the world while doing presentations, parkour, breakdance, football, other martial arts, etc…
I love learning and I always end up applying it to my Capoeira skills or vice versa haha.
Capoeira is always evolving and every time I learned something new, I incorporated or put my own capoeira flavor into it…

Parkour has also had a huge impact on my life, I started training and learning over 13 years ago in Basingstoke when I met Chase Armitage, Cane, Sam, Shaun, all the 3Run Guys and they have become my family here too!

What principles have you learned from Capoeira that have helped you in other areas of life?

I don’t know if this was already in me, but I’m sure I learned it in Capoeira! I saw many people like this, determined to achieve what they want, to not give up! I don’t need to talk about a specific movement, trick, kick…

In my Capoeira journey so far I have met many people who were going through very difficult times, and their determination to keep trying to learn, to keep going even if many things were against them, was incredible and inspiring!

I’m sure there are situations like this in many other sports and disciplines! But in Capoeira or at least where I come from it was very normal, I don’t know how to explain what and why, we all came back, or faced all of this, but for me and those people we were happy and made us forget everything around us ! I know I can’t put into words what it is, but you will have to try to understand..!!

I play with this expression a lot; I keep telling my students “I rest when I die”, but I live by it, not just talking about training, but about difficult situations in life. I, like many other people, are going through difficult/complicated times right now, but for me I will keep trying to move forward or I will die trying, if life is moving, so am I…! I’m not sure if I learned this from Capoeira, but I learn it from Capoeira and for that I’m grateful and I apply it to my life as much as I can….

Flow Hub

Capoeira Flow HUB : A Virtual and Inspiring Journey

Welcome to Capoeira Flow, where tradition meets modernity, and the passion for Capoeira meets the convenience of the digital world. Discover our online Class Levels and immerse yourself in an authentic experience, whether you are an excited beginner or a dedicated practitioner.

Level 01: Pre-recorded Subscription

Watch the Previous Online classes and practise Capoeira anytime, anywhere. In the park, the gym, your front room, the beach…you name it!
 I aim to build your confidence, improve your fitness and help you grow as a talented capoeirista. The variety of exercises in class are designed to build the strength and stamina necessary for Capoeira. As you progress through each lesson, you will find yourself feeling stronger and your Capoeira game becoming easier.

Level 02: Online Group Classes

Through the classes, I aim to build your confidence, improve your fitness and help you grow as an athlete. Each lesson comprises of a warm up, drills, Capoeira-based strengthening exercises, kicks, acrobatic movements and sequences to build flow in your game. Not only will you learn tips and techniques to become a better capoeirista, it’s a full sweaty workout!

Level 03: 1- 2- 1 Classes or Online Private Classes

Fast Track your Capoeira technique. With a private personalized classes tailored to your needs. Improve, unlock movements and learn personalised drills to get your capoeira and boost your self-confidence and you capoeira to the next level.

Level 04 – Discover Capoeira Program

It will provide you with everything you always wanted to learn and know about the world of Capoeira! From beginner to advanced levels, you will find everything you need

Our Instructors

Instructors dedicated to your success!

We brought the best instructors from around the world so you can have an unforgettable experience, with a life full of mobility and flexibility.

Be part of our Capoeira Flow class in person!

Hello, my name is Fabio Santos !

I am a Brazilian-born individual with over 26 years of experience in Capoeira. Additionally, I am an Actor and UK qualified Stuntman Performer, recognized worldwide for my versatile skills. My performances in shows, film premieres, theatre, television, and major films have spanned the globe for the last two decades.


Stunt Performer
Personal Trainer
High Diving
PADI Diving Master
Muay Thai
Fight Scene Choreography

Hello, my name is Derek Gunn!

Known as Del since school, I was born in Tidworth, UK. As a child, I lived in several countries following my father’s army transfers. At the age of 11, we settled in the UK and I have lived here ever since. A childhood love of Kung Fu films led me to start training in martial arts in the early 2000s. I trained Taichi Chen and Yang, as well as Kung Fu style Praying Mantis for many years. In 2007, I saw an advertisement for Capoeira classes at a local school. As a fan of the character Eddie Gordo from the fighting game Tekken, I was excited to try it out. I went to my first class and one of CM Gringo’s advanced students was teaching the class. Even though I was comfortable with the kicks, the swagger and acrobatic moves were new to me, but I was hooked. I kept going and fell in love with this art. My favorite aspect was the movements, but with so many things to learn, I’m constantly improving.”

Hello, my name is Kasia!

Or as the world of Capoeira knows me, “Caxixi”!

My journey in the world of Capoeira began 13 years ago in Poland, and it has been a remarkable adventure that has taken me to several international events and competitions. Each experience has not only enriched my understanding of this beautiful martial art, but also deepened my connection to its cultural roots.

Over the past 3 years, my focus has turned to sharing my deep knowledge and love of Capoeira as a dedicated instructor. As a certified physical therapist, my approach to fitness goes beyond the ordinary. I ensure that each session is not only a dynamic Capoeira experience, but also a safe and effective workout.

By combining the rhythmic elements of Capoeira with my expertise in body mechanics, I offer a holistic approach to fitness. Whether you are a beginner entering the world of Capoeira or someone looking to improve your skills, I invite you to join me on a fitness journey where tradition, movement and personalized training converge for a truly transformative experience.

Looking forward to sharing the joy of Capoeira with you!

Hello, my name is Veronica Atu!

Hey there, I’m Veronica Atu, but in the capoeira world, they call me Jabuticaba. Born in Poland to Polish and Nigerian parents, I stumbled upon capoeira back in 2010 after moving to a new town in the UK. Started as a 26-year-old with a desk job, with no athletic background, looking for connection and something to do after work. I was hooked from the start and have been training under the guidance of Contramestre Gringo ever since.

I enjoy all aspects of capoeira – kicks, acrobatics, music and instruments – and I love sharing my passion with the students.

Since starting capoeira I travelled to many countries for workshops and met a lot of people from around the world. I am fluent in Polish and English, but also love to practice Spanish and Portuguese.

Outside of capoeira, you’ll find me practicing handbalancing, learning tumbling, lifting weights, and finding peace through yoga.

Hello, my name is Claudia!

My name is Instructora Borrachinha and I have been a Capoeirista since 2008. My background has been in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet, both of which enhanced my skills as a Capoeirista. My favourite part of Capoeira has always been floreios and acrobatics. I have been teaching Capoeira to both adults and children since 2019.