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Autobiography of Capoeira Flow​

Inspired by Fabio Santos

Capoeira Flow Autobiography: Inspired by Fabio Santos

Amid the captivating movements of Capoeira and the dynamic art of a true athlete who dedicated his life to different sports, the essence of Capoeira Flow is born. Inspired by passionate Capoeira and Stunt specialist, Fabio Santos, this journey transcends simple training and becomes a vibrant lifestyle.

Fabio Santos’ passion for Capoeira began on the streets of Brazil, fueled by the film “Esporte Sangrento”. However, his true entry into the practice came after a meeting with a friend, Jairo, whose skillful movements during a football match sparked Fabio’s quest to master capoeira. Thus began a journey that he describes as “Capoeira has a beginning, but it has no end”.

Embracing Capoeira as a lifestyle, Fabio Santos shares his typical week of training, balancing weight and conditioning to hone his skills. He highlights the importance of adopting other disciplines, be it martial arts, Parkor, swimming or Olympic gymnastics, to complement the Capoeira experience.

The philosophy of Capoeira Flow is based on fundamental principles learned through Capoeira. Fabio highlights determination, resilience and the ability to never give up, lessons he has seen in other practitioners during difficult times. “Capoeira has a beginning, but it has no end”, becomes not just a phrase, but a mantra for a life dedicated to movement and overcoming.

In addition to Capoeira, Fabio Santos integrates other movement disciplines, such as Parkour, Olympic gymnastics, other martial arts, break dancing, enriching his journey and improving his skills. It highlights the importance of continually learning and incorporating new knowledge into your practice, an approach that shapes the constant evolution of Capoeira Flow.

When asked about his vision as a coach, Fabio expresses a deep love for Capoeira and the pleasure of empowering others to achieve their goals. He believes that by sharing this passion, he not only teaches movement, but inspires a pursuit of a happier, more fulfilled life.

When projecting the future, Fabio Santos has two main goals: to reconnect with his family in Brazil and to give back to Capoeira what it gave him. His vision for Capoeira Flow is clear: to show as many people as possible the transformative power of Capoeira, inspiring a global community to embrace the movement, culture and joy it offers.

Thus, Capoeira Flow becomes more than a physical practice; is an inspiring journey influenced by the spirit and passion of Fabio Santos. A celebration of movement, culture and resilience that defines this dynamic lifestyle. Join Capoeira Flow, where each movement tells a story of overcoming, and each practice is a celebration of life in movement.