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All of our classes are based in London, and no experience is required. We work with Instructors qualified to give you the best support and guidance during your training. Below are the schedules and contact details of our instructors.

Class timetable
Instrutora Caxixi
ArtsEd Address: Cone Ripman House 14 Bath Rd, London W4 1LY
Class timetable
Instrutora Jaboticaba
Prendergast Vale School Address: Elmira Street, London SE13 7BN
Class timetable
Instrutor Dell & Instrutora Borrachinha
Sports Centre Festival Place, Basingstoke RG21 7LE
Class timetable
Instrutora Caxixi
ArtsEd Address: Cone Ripman House 14 Bath Rd, London W4 1LY

Hello, my name is Fabio Santos !

I am a Brazilian-born individual with over 26 years of experience in Capoeira. Additionally, I am an Actor and UK qualified Stuntman Performer, recognized worldwide for my versatile skills. My performances in shows, film premieres, theatre, television, and major films have spanned the globe for the last two decades.


Stunt Performer
Personal Trainer
High Diving
PADI Diving Master
Muay Thai
Fight Scene Choreography

Hello, my name is Derek Gunn!

Known as Del since school, I was born in Tidworth, UK. As a child, I lived in several countries following my father’s army transfers. At the age of 11, we settled in the UK and I have lived here ever since. A childhood love of Kung Fu films led me to start training in martial arts in the early 2000s. I trained Taichi Chen and Yang, as well as Kung Fu style Praying Mantis for many years. In 2007, I saw an advertisement for Capoeira classes at a local school. As a fan of the character Eddie Gordo from the fighting game Tekken, I was excited to try it out. I went to my first class and one of CM Gringo’s advanced students was teaching the class. Even though I was comfortable with the kicks, the swagger and acrobatic moves were new to me, but I was hooked. I kept going and fell in love with this art. My favorite aspect was the movements, but with so many things to learn, I’m constantly improving.”

Hello, my name is Kasia!

Or as the world of Capoeira knows me, “Caxixi”!

My journey in the world of Capoeira began 13 years ago in Poland, and it has been a remarkable adventure that has taken me to several international events and competitions. Each experience has not only enriched my understanding of this beautiful martial art, but also deepened my connection to its cultural roots.

Over the past 3 years, my focus has turned to sharing my deep knowledge and love of Capoeira as a dedicated instructor. As a certified physical therapist, my approach to fitness goes beyond the ordinary. I ensure that each session is not only a dynamic Capoeira experience, but also a safe and effective workout.

By combining the rhythmic elements of Capoeira with my expertise in body mechanics, I offer a holistic approach to fitness. Whether you are a beginner entering the world of Capoeira or someone looking to improve your skills, I invite you to join me on a fitness journey where tradition, movement and personalized training converge for a truly transformative experience.

Looking forward to sharing the joy of Capoeira with you!

Hello, my name is Veronica Atu!

Hey there, I’m Veronica Atu, but in the capoeira world, they call me Jabuticaba. Born in Poland to Polish and Nigerian parents, I stumbled upon capoeira back in 2010 after moving to a new town in the UK. Started as a 26-year-old with a desk job, with no athletic background, looking for connection and something to do after work. I was hooked from the start and have been training under the guidance of Contramestre Gringo ever since.

I enjoy all aspects of capoeira – kicks, acrobatics, music and instruments – and I love sharing my passion with the students.

Since starting capoeira I travelled to many countries for workshops and met a lot of people from around the world. I am fluent in Polish and English, but also love to practice Spanish and Portuguese.

Outside of capoeira, you’ll find me practicing handbalancing, learning tumbling, lifting weights, and finding peace through yoga.

Hello, my name is Claudia!

My name is Instructora Borrachinha and I have been a Capoeirista since 2008. My background has been in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet, both of which enhanced my skills as a Capoeirista. My favourite part of Capoeira has always been floreios and acrobatics. I have been teaching Capoeira to both adults and children since 2019.